Mastersaf DFE

Technology and intelligence in the management of electronic tax documents

Improvements in processes that will mitigate risks and errors, increase control and mainly reduce costs and time in physical and fiscal receipt.


MasterSaf SMART

Mastersaf DF-e brings unique differentials in an integrated and innovative manner. The ease of submitting and receiving NF-e, NFS-e and CT-e in a solution available in the In House or SaaS template, with a user-friendly interface and clear information management make Mastersaf DF- a differentiated solution and ahead of the competition.

Main Mastersaf DFE functionalities:

  • High capacity: Designed to support large volume of documents, the solution enables load balancing and differentiated scalability between processes;
  • Easy to use: An intuitive and simple platform to perform tasks in an agile way;
  • Stable: Hosted in the best Data Centers providing high level of service;
  • Available: Service level agreement, training and 24×7 service provide availability for your business;
  • Innovative: It allows mobility in monitoring the issuance of Electronic Tax Documents;
  • Flexible: It is multiplatform and ATM with a modular architecture and simultaneous emissions.



Configuration of the changeable fields;
Specific access profiles;
Submission of the CC-e to the NF-e recipient;
History of all CC-e created for each NF-e;
Possibility of use by non-client companies;
Recovery of the previous CC-e content.



Full compliance with the recipient manifestation;
It allows you to know the NF-es issued throughout the country, with the company as the recipient;
Avoid the misuse of your State Registration by NF-es issuers that use state inscriptions suitable to cover up fraudulent transactions;
Obtain the XML from the NF-es that have not been transmitted by the respective issuer;
Greater legal certainty in the use of the corresponding tax credit, as a confirmed NF-e cannot be canceled by its issuer;
Record that the merchandise was received and formally constitute the commercial link, without the need for signature in the stub printed in DANFE.



NF-e - ELECTRONIC MARKET TAX RECEIPT:  From 01 to 10,000,000. Have an Electronic Tax Receipt solution that fits your needs, prepared for your type of business and segment.

MAKES SURE THAT THE INCLUDED OPERATIONS ARE CORRECT: Validates and treats SEFAZ messages to ensure data consistency and avoids the submission of duplicate notes.

ANALYZES THE INFORMATION: Data treatment and interface compatible with current systems.

SUPERIOR CAPACITY AND PERFORMANCE: It can process millions of notes per day, without losing performance.


  • Organizes data in a simple way, with features for controlling invoice numbering;
  • Receipt and Validation of Tax Receipts (XMLs) received from suppliers;
  • Monitoring the SEFAZ service status and intelligent treatment of the mentioned errors;
  • Certificate expiration control;
  • Allows registration of several users with different access profile;
  • Storage of XML files;
  • Integration with all ERPs via WebService;
  • Possibility to export XML by period/company.

NFS-e - ELECTRONIC SERVICE TAX RECEIPT: Follow the evolution of the market with the most advanced electronic service invoices. It is impossible for you not to be surprised by such a complete and comprehensive solution.

MEETING MORE THAN 500 MUNICIPALITIES: The largest market coverage. Adapted and approved for the differences of each city hall and prepared for the inclusion of new municipalities.

CENTRALIZE COMMUNICATION IN A SINGLE SOLUTION: Developed with a focus on ease, it allows the integration of several units (branches) with different management systems, with all municipalities through only one integration layout.


Automating 100% of the effort for submitting and returning NFS-e;
Reducing operational costs;
Viewing the NFS-e in the solution itself;
Submitting alert and e-mail to the parties involved;
Printing the Provisional Service Receipt.

CT-e - ELECTRONIC TRANSPORTATION KNOWLEDGE: Mastersaf DF-e also manages CT-e emissions and receipts and complies with the legislation and manners. It makes processes agile and follows all steps to prevent errors.

A COMPREHENSIVE FLOW OF INFORMATION MANAGEMENT: Receives and validates the issuing XML; Uploads manuals; Provides the DACTE supplier image; Control of DACTE without XML.

DFE RECEIVER: A complete module for managing tax documents issued by suppliers (nf-e, danfe), validating their authenticity, controlling receipt and storing appropriately, as well as performing the events of the recipient's manifestation.

CC-e - ELECTRONIC CORRECTION LETTER: Through Ordinance CAT 109, from 07/20/2011, the Tax Administration Coordination establishes the compulsory use of the Electronic Correction Letter as of 01/01/2012 for the state of São Paulo Paulo. In addition to São Paulo, Sefaz in the states of BA, GO, RS, the National Virtual Sefaz Environment (ES, MA, PA, PI, RN) and Virtual Sefaz RS (AC, AL, AM, AP, DF, PB, RJ, RO, RR, SC, SE, TO) are also already receiving the Electronic Correction Letter (CC-e).


Thomson Reuters has developed a smart, simple, dynamic and integrated solution to the Electronic Invoice Portal, which brings to the market a new concept for Electronic Tax Documents: a modern and practical portal with management information, friendly navigability and functional differentials.




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