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The solutions of the System Development Center are ideal for companies seeking to increase their performance in business through customized and integrated management systems, developed with the most advanced technological resources. By meeting the most different development demands of companies, the CDS performs closed scope projects, project and software factory, and even allocation of IT professionals.

With a history of success for the projects carried out and a team of technicians and consultants with proven experience in different technologies, ERPs and business areas, GSW is qualified to meet the most different needs.

Aligned with cutting edge technology of development and management, GSW develops customized systems with the most modern technologies available in the market.
To ensure quality and concerned with meeting our clients’ expectations in face of so many specialties, CDS is broken down in technology cells where the best practices of software development are applied, in order to fully use their features.

Get to know the technologies with which we work:

  • JAVA
  • Dot Net
  • SharePoint
  • ABAP
  • Netweaver / PI
  • Mobile
  • Web Development( Ajax / Javascript / Flex / Oracle)
  • RPG
  • Cobol
  • NodeJS
  • OFM

Practically every solution developed by GSW demands a type of integration, a very relevant aspect for the project success, and our experience let us apply the most appropriate method aiming at the best performance possible.

Focused on the search for excellence, quality and constant updating of processes and professionals, the System Development Center offers important differentials, among which the following are outstanding:

Commitment with the client

Delivering projects on time, in the agreed cost, is a task that GSW is fully dedicated, and is part of its corporate mission. Our dedication is intensive, and the result is that over 80% of our clients have more than 10-year relationship with the company.

Quality is something serious

GSW developed a unique methodology that ensures compliance with deadlines and the project scope with high quality and agility in delivery.

Testing and Quality Teams

The CDS counts on groups with actions dedicated to quality and testing of the projects developed. The team is trained in the most modern methodologies in order to apply the appropriate techniques, seeking to ensure eliminations of errors and the final quality of products delivered. It is responsible for auditing projects throughout the whole development cycle, assuring that they will be compliant with processes and the established planning, notifying those involved on the critical quality factors.

SLA (Service Level Agreement)

One of the main tools used to assess the level of performance of services rendered, it makes possible the measurement and monitoring of important factors like quality and compliance with terms set.

Best Development Practices

Use of the best practices, based on CMMI, warranting high performance and standardization of the software development process.

CMMI ML II (Capability Maturity Model Integration) Certification

Quality model created and maintained by SEI (Software Engineering Institute), a center of research and development supported by the USA Department of Defense. The certification in the model attests that the company adopts certain practices and applies them in software development processes, assuring that the final result will be as expected.

The model is very comprehensive and the main objective is the improvement of processes, aiming at ensuring solutions with the best quality and compliant with terms agreed upon, focusing practices that promote productivity, performance, cost and satisfaction of those involved in the project.

Specialized Team

GSW’s System Development Center comprises experts that put into practice our values and project management and development methodologies.

We count on:
• System Analysts with experience in several business areas.
• Professionals in the most different platforms and methodologies, capable of exchanging information on complex environments and propose practical and efficient solutions.


Based on our methodology, our values and the knowledge of our professionals, we guarantee our clients’ peace of mind, longevity of the systems and higher return of investments made.




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