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Microsoft Dynamics is a line of fully adaptable solutions that are designed to meet virtually all business needs in a wide range of industries, helping employees make important decisions with greater confidence. Microsoft Dynamics AX works as and with familiar Microsoft software products, making it easier to adopt and reduce the risk of implementing a new solution. These solutions automate and streamline financial, customer relationship and supply chain processes in a way that can lead to business success.

GSW is certified for Software Marketing, Deployment, Customization, Training, and Support. With broad experience in deploying Microsoft Dynamics solutions, GSW’s team of professionals is composed of qualified, Microsoft-certified specialists, including functional consultants, developers, and project managers.

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Microsoft Dynamics AX enables smart, reliable, strategic and tactical decision making at all levels of your organization. Executives can always be in touch with business metrics; business line directors can have the information and tools they need for effective management and planning within their area of responsibility; and employees in any sector – whether it is accounts payable, inventory, or customer service – can analyze important information and follow the best path to meet the needs of the company and customers.

Business needs change. To respond to these changes, you need an integrated business management solution that provides a comprehensive, real-time view of the most important information. Microsoft Dynamics AX provides you with the information you need, helping you cope with the evolving demands of your business. These are some of the ways in which Microsoft Dynamics AX can help you make informed and trustful decisions and help your business thrive.

Give your employees the information they need to work

Function-adjusted information allows the staff to quickly access the data they need to perform their daily tasks and make changes that affect the business as a whole.

Reduce the learning curve.

Microsoft Dynamics can be integrated with familiar software such as Microsoft Office Word and Microsoft Office Excel. This allows your team to make use of the skills they already have.

Familiar for your employees.

The look and feel of Microsoft Dynamics is similar to Microsoft’s most commonly used software. Its graphical user interface is highly intuitive and consistent with Microsoft Office software.

The best way to create a productive business is to enable employees to produce.

Provide them with the business software tools that work as and with the tools they use on a daily basis – Microsoft Office. As individuals and team members, your employees can work and exceed their goals.

Do the work according to the goals of the company.

Key performance indicators (KPIs) help you analyze projects and tasks in relation to your organization’s ultimate goals. Corporate alerts help you stay on track.

Improve reporting capabilities.

With Microsoft SQL Server integration, you have access to business intelligence information. It is thus possible to generate reports with SQL Server Reporting Services, build and analyze data warehouses, and organize and use data efficiently.

Control access to confidential information.

Managers grant permissions to ensure that certain information is available only to employees who need it.

Improve decision making.

With a more critical insight to address the with business, you can access and analyze the company’s most important information and thus make well-informed decisions and bring faster change.

Implement structured and consistent processes.

Microsoft Dynamics AX can help you get these processes up and running. This ensures reliability and accountability across the organization.

Ensure the integrity of your processes.

Microsoft Dynamics AX can ensure the integrity of your information and communications and keep the right people informed – all in a timely manner.

  • Increased individual productivity.
  • A clearer view of business across the organization.
  • A huge potential for increased business performance.
  • Integration between technologies to boost the value of each component of your business management infrastructure, across multiple areas of the company.
  • More efficient and dynamic financial management.
    You can use the same set of software skills to perform financial management tasks; control and manage costs and finances; use reporting and analysis tools; collaborate with people across the enterprise; and support compliance to standards.
  • Sales that generate results.
    Manage orders and production, build productive relationships with customers, communicate efficiently with customers and suppliers, and meet or exceed expectations at all times.
  • Efficient use of human resources.
    You can use the same set of software skills to perform financial management tasks; control and manage costs and finances; use reporting and analysis tools; collaborate with people across the enterprise; and support compliance to standards.
  • Solid business strategy.
    The company’s management should always be in control of the business. Microsoft Dynamics and other Microsoft technologies can provide your managers and executives with greater ease to answer important questions, accurately assess company events and market trends, make better-informed decisions, and keep the company on a profitable path that is in line with strategic goals.
  • Employees and processes for a higher level of performance.
  • Automation of business processes.
    Reduce the cost of doing business by allowing your employees to focus more on productive tasks and less on unnecessary and repetitive tasks. From the first discussion on sales to production, delivery and maintenance, automation helps streamline the entire company and drive processes in a productive and economical manner.
  • Technology for accurate information.
    Define the best way forward and act accordingly. Analysis and reporting tools help employees have a better understanding of the business performance, customer preferences, and market trends. Executives can work with intelligence in the areas of performance, finance, and competitiveness. Business line managers can measure and increase departmental productivity and operational efficiency. Employees can manage areas of the company that are under their responsibility while being equipped with all the resources and information they need.
  • Integration with Microsoft server solutions, creating a scalable business infrastructure.
  • Integration with other Microsoft products and technologies, ensuring a good return on investment (ROI) and a low total cost of ownership. You can also benefit from a reliable, extensible business management infrastructure that responds effectively to your goals.


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