Allocation of IT Professionals

GSW counts on a large network of qualified professionals, and offers the service of Professional Allocation to meet the most different specialties in the IT world.

This service counts on an accurate process for identification of the appropriate professional, and also flexible to be adapted according to the needs of each company, respecting the characteristics of each position, like, for example, the requirement of technical or psychological tests.

GSW can also execute the whole selection test or part of it, depending on the client’s need. Learn the services provided:

  • Screening:  Identifies professionals with the profile demanded by the client, making a detailed screening in our updated data bank.
  • Selection: Selects the applicants, with interviews, tests and group dynamics, using technical test when requested by the client.
  • Hiring: GSW is in charge of the whole hiring process and assumes labor responsibilities. Thus, the employee’s employment relationship is directly set with GSW, and the hiring company will only enjoy the advantages obtained with the new labor.
  • Follow-up: GSW offers support to all allocated professionals when they need technical support.

Starting from the definition of the professional profile and the required technical qualification, GSW IT Professionals Allocation identifies, selects and hires the most appropriate professional.  After the hiring, the professional will start to act in the client facilities, receiving direct management and meeting methods and processes as well as complying with norms and ethical conducts defined.

In order to keep this professional motivated and with high productivity, GSW makes the follow-up of the person hired, assessing his expectations and performance, always focused on offering the best result to clients.

There are no limits to the action of GSW IT Professionals allocation, which can be applied in specific needs, small developments or more comprehensive developments, in long term projects.


    • Finds the right professional for the right position;
    • Keeps the company’s HR directed to the hiring of collaborators for focus on the business, outsourcing the hiring of IT professional that demands deep technical knowledge by the HR;
    • Makes agile the hiring of professionals qualified in Information Technology;
    • Meets the specific demands of IT area with the quality of a selection process of HR professionals qualified to the particular aspects of the area;
    • Provides appropriate technical support, with more security to the professional allocated and to the client.



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