Software and Project Factory

It has been the most sought-after solution as strategy to increase productivity of companies’ IT area. This because, with the outsourcing of project development and management services, IT areas turn to the business avoiding to deviate their efforts to these activities, which require time, and constant technical qualification.

The Factory provides several advantages, like the possibility of adapting the team to deal with peaks of work by hiring services from specialized professionals, in addition to the co-responsibility for the management of terms, quality and availability of resources.

For the IT area there is also the possibility of reducing direct costs with physical space, infrastructure and indirect factors like: labor costs and HR.

To assure the quality of the service, GSW always apply the SLA - Service Level Agreements, in order to monitor the performance of services under different aspects.


GSW offers two Factory models:

Software Factory

In this model, the responsibility for the management of the project and its main phases is the contracting company’s.

GSW’s Factory team is responsible for executing the phases of development and unitary tests, receiving the specified requirement and responding for deliveries within the defined SLAs.

This model makes the company gain in scale, chiefly in projects involving adequacy or implementation of functionalities in their management systems.


Model indicated for:

Companies that often internally demand maintenance and improvement of systems and that, for strategic decisions, keep Business Analysts, Systems Analysts and Project Managers.


Project Factory

In this model, every project can be outsourced by GSW, including the survey of needs and the definition of functional and technical requirements.

The Project Factory proposal is the outsourcing of the whole project or any phase of the project, including its management, providing to the client focus on the business activities.

This model has been widely adopted by large companies because it directs the efforts and the competence of their professionals to the core business, leaving the technical responsibility to a qualified company.

The model also provides more agility because it eliminates commercial phases and creates a standardized way of working with assured quality, through the expertise of GSW professionals.


Model indicated for:

Companies that increasingly need to concentrate their efforts on the business and wish to improve the level of service to their users, ensuring compliance with terms and the final quality of projects.


To make possible the follow-up of services made by the factories, GSW counts on control systems that can be easily used by the client, in a transparent and organized way.

Through dedicated coordination and methodology of management and development based on CMMI, we assure the quality of our clients’ projects for local or global services, providing higher return of investments made.



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