Validation and Audit for full fiscal and tax compliance

Anticipate FISCO's analysis, ensuring quality and compliance of tax information. More security and a lower risk of notices.

MasterSaf TAXAnalalyser

Mastersaf Tax Analyzer results in savings and contributes to the improvement of processes with high added value, generating an updated knowledge. Synthetic and analytical results can also be obtained for better understanding and a continuous improvement of operations. With this solution, you anticipate auditing and minimize inconsistencies with agility. In addition, it is possible to reduce tax exposure, avoiding fines and losses to bring efficiency in the audit processes and also allowing managers to analyze the business units of the organization together.

Your management before the Treasury.

The numerous validation requirements made in tax procedures are already included in this solution, which goes far beyond comparing and checking the data. It allows one, at the discretion of the manager, to identify divergences between different tax and accounting obligations that will be declared to the Treasury. Mastersaf Tax Analyzer is a comprehensive solution for your company to proactively and quietly act, knowing that it is up-to-date with the various tax obligations.


Reporting, analysis, corrections, planning and much more:

  • Fiscal compliance;
  • Risk prevention;
  • Proactivity and agility;
  • Rules and service of segments and customers in a specific way;
  • Tool that offers an easy usability and information display;

Already parameterized to meet the audits of ancillary obligations.


The Brazilian government is intensifying the use of information technology to improve corporate surveillance through SPED and previous legislations, such as IN86, SINTEGRA and others.

To avoid fines and penalties, managers must be careful about the process of generating digital files so as not to put the company at risk. Hence, it is essential to be concerned with the quality of the information, since the Treasury can identify any failure by crossing several fiscal and accounting obligations.

Does your company have a tool that allows you to perform these analyzes before submitting the files to the Treasury?

Mastersaf TAXANALYSER is an audit software that performs the validation of the information to be submitted to the Tax Office, based on the data extracted from the company's management systems, and presents several reports with inconsistencies, non-compliance and layout errors by crossing a series of information, guiding the application of the due corrections.
In addition to validating the layout of the files that will be sent as the PVA does, the digital tax auditor validates the content of the information and crosses the company's fiscal and accounting changes, including against other ancillary obligations.


Stay tuned! The validation of a file by the PVA, even if completed without evidence of errors, is not sufficient to ensure that the information sent to the Tax Office is correct.

The only guarantee provided by PVA is that the file is in the correct layout and contains the information requested by the Internal Revenue Service, that is, ready to be processed. Thus, the validation performed without errors by the PVA, simply leaves the file to the point of acceptance, offering no security with respect to the content of the fields. In some cases, it does not even cover the data validation required by the EFD Practical Guide itself.

The Law Decree itself is quite clear in arguing that validating a file without errors in PVA does not ensure the integrity of the information. Therefore, the Federal Revenue Department (SRF) has the authority to apply assessments, already provided for by law, even when all the shipping documentation was generated "without errors" by the PVA.

According to Decree No. 45,490, from November 30, 2000, updated "until Decree 54,679, from 08.13.2009":
v) the provision of information in a magnetic medium in a standard or form that does not comply with the specifications established by law, even if accompanied by a complete system documentation, which allows the information to be processed by the tax authorities - a fine equal to 1% of the value of the operations or benefits of the period, never lower than the value of 100 (one hundred) UFESPs;

To confirm whether or not the information is correct, validating the data and the fiscal and accounting operations crossings of the systems, use the Digital Tax Auditor.

Features PVA - Federal Revenue Mastersaf TAXANALYSER
  • Validation of layout and basic conferences to ensure that the file contains the minimum conditions for carrying out future audits by the Treasury.
  • It leaves the file to the point of acceptance, validating only some information, not guaranteeing to the taxpayer exemption of assessment by failure in the completion process.
  • It performs all validations made by the PVA, as well as the intersection of tax and accounting transactions.
  • It assures the taxpayer that the file to be sent to the Treasury contains correct and coherent information, besides guaranteeing the completion accuracy, according to EFD Practical Guide.
Data crossing
(Input and Output)
  • It does not validate this information.
  • It does not cover this analysis.
  • It does not generate alert messages for this error category.
  • It crosses the incoming Tax receipts records and output tax receipt records versus the inventory records.
  • It validates taxpayer information prior to referral to fiscal bodies.
  • It eliminates the risk of the company being sued or fined for data inconsistency.
  • It indicates in advance the nonconformities, through the validation reports.

When one of these inspection bodies requests the files, companies have little time to check a large amount of information. Sending files with no validation increases the risk of fines as a consequence of previously unidentified errors and/or inconsistencies.

Mastersaf TAXANALYSER should be included in the Fiscal Management Process to perform the validation and criticism of the generated SPED files. Hence, the tool will be integrated to the ERP or to a Fiscal Auxiliary System, such as Mastersaf DW, performing analysis on data consistency.

By crossing information, Mastersaf TAXANALYSER will give rise to reports that will show errors and/or inconsistencies, allowing the application of the due corrections and adjustments, before sending the files to FISCO.

ANTICIPATION TO THE FISCO AUDIT: You have the chance to correct inconsistent information, non-compliance and errors, which can lead to fines and/or penalties, in a planned manner, before the Treasury.
QUALITY OF YOUR DATA: More confidence, as you will have better quality of your tax information.
AGILITY IN THE AUDIT PROCESS: By knowing the issues with your data, you will be able to adjust processes and information, making your company better prepared to respond to the questions asked by the Treasury.
TIME GAIN: Save time to apply adjustments in your management system, because with the Digital Tax Auditor your company previously identifies non-compliance. In addition, electronic audits make the process more reliable and agile than the tax and accounting consultancy services.
AVOID NOTICES AND FINES: By anticipating the tax audit through the Digital Tax Auditor, you will have enough time to adjust your processes and data, to send the file to the Treasury only when they comply with the legislations.
BE UPDATED REGARDING WITH THE NEW FISCO REQUIREMENTS: The Digital Tax Auditor is constantly being updated to meet the new requirements of the Treasury. With this, your company will always be updated and protected against notices and fines.
IMPROVEMENT IN THE MANAGEMENT: Through the diagnostic reports of the Digital Tax Auditor, you are able to adjust your processes and management systems, and thus avoid future errors.


Audits performed through crossings between obligations. See which files are audited.

  • SPED Fiscal (incluindo novo Bloco K)
  • SPED Contribuições
  • SPED Contábil
  • SPED Social
  • IN86
  • DIPJ
  • DIRF
  • DCTF
  • FCI
  • NF-e / NFC-e e CT-e
  • SAFX
  • Per/Dcomp Créditos de Sl Neg IRPJ/CSLL,
  • Per/Dcomp Créditos Pag Ind ou a Maior e Pis/Cofins - Merc.
  • Interno
  • e-CAC (Fontes Pagadoras) e e-CAC (DARF)
  • GIA - MG, RS, SP e RJ
  • The most secure and reliable tool on the market;
  • Because it is confidential and critical information, the Digital Tax Auditor is installed in the company's environment, avoiding data traffic through the Internet, which guarantees the security and protection of corporate information;
  • As a consolidated product in the market, and in evolution for more than 10 years, always in accordance with the constant and new requirements of the Treasury;
  • Flexibility to adapt to the needs of your company;
  • Functionality to correct large amount of data files, only once;
  • Parameterizable system to configure the validations according to the reality of each company;
  • Layout conversion module to generate bonds from another obligation, such as:
  • MANAD as of IN866;
  • IN86 (tax annexes) as of SINTEGRA.





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