Mastersaf DW


The most comprehensive fiscal and tax software, integrated with leading ERPs in the market and focused on the needs of large companies.

MasterSaf DW

Generation of duties in the spheres: Municipal, State and Federal

It integrates information on a single basis, managing and storing ERP information with practicality, security and standardization.

Thus, it enables the generation of archives for serving inspection agencies at the Municipal, Federal and State levels. In addition to extracting reports that support decision-making.



Composed by the SPED Accounting, SPED Fiscal, EFD - Contributions, CIAP (Block G), FCONT and Bloco K, modules, it rationalizes ancillary obligations and reduces administrative costs by eliminating the custody of physical documents, as well as optimizing billing and logistics processes.


The FCI module is complete and operates from the selection of products subject to the FCI, registration of the information from the Import Content (information coming from the ERP) and generation of the digital archive for delivery until the extraction of support reports.


Mastersaf DW is prepared for this obligation. With the first delivery scheduled for 2017, industrial establishments and wholesalers should report their inventories and production in SPED Fiscal.




  • Specific solutions by market segment;
  • National coverage: compliance with Federal, State and Municipal legislation;
  • Ensuring solid and secure information;
  • Business continuity, regardless of the change of corporate systems.



  • Efficiency and flexibility in decision-making for transfer pricing management;
  • Determination of Transfer Pricing for import (PIC, PRL, CPL) and export (PVEX, PVA, PVV and CAP);
  • Production of strategic information on the management of markets and products;
  • Monitoring behavior between Price-Parameter X Price-Practiced, seeking to identify the method for smaller taxes
  • Pricing-Parameter through calculations recognized by the legislation;
  • Registration of proof/evidence in accordance with the Legislation;
  • SAP: Interfacenamespace - Integration Module with SAP R3;
  • ORACLE: INTERDATED R11 - Integration module with ORACLE R11;
  • ORACLE: INTERDADOS ODI R12 - Integration module with ORACLE R12.


On a fully online platform, Transfer Pricing ensures security and agility in controlling the transfer pricing of international operations.
All the special taxation conditions that this type of transaction requires are weighted according to guidelines defined by the company for purchase and sale value or transfer of assets, rights and services, providing the best practices with a low implementation cost and execution speed.



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